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Southern Area Rescue Co-ordinator:

Pam Jameson     Tel: 01527 545552    E-mail: pam.jameson@gmx.co.uk

When emailing, please include your phone number and address as this will speed up your enquiry

What are we?
We are a small Breed Rescue Society that exists solely to help Belgian Shepherd Dogs and their owners who have dogs that need to be re-homed for a variety of reasons. more....
There are four varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog
These are: Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois and Laeknois, and they differ according to their length and colour of coat. They are a medium sized elegant breed. more....

How do we work?
We work in one of two ways:
1) People who have a dog that they need to re-home will contact the Rescue Co-ordinator who will talk to the owner about the problems more....
What are our policies?
Our rules and policies are few, but we do insist that all animals leaving us are neutered if this has not already been done and they must be vaccinated annually. more....
Featured dogs in rescue
Here we show examples of Belgians in rescue who are looking for loving, caring homes

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