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Other matters

Feet – round, cat like, neat with thick pads.

Pasterns – almost straight in front and vertical at the rear. Never sickle hocked

Fronts – in proportion to the breed. The front legs should not be too far apart but elbows should not be tied in either.

Hind quarters – straight with the paws standing only just wider than the width of the hips.

Cow hocks and tied hocks should be heavily penalised.

Always allow a dog to move round before assuming that it has cow hocks.

It may just be standing tensely

Movement – fast and free, moving true with good ground cover. Finnish Spitz should not overreach or crab but many do. It is difficult to breed dogs that are square and cover the ground well

Front movement is sometime poor with the front legs not sufficiently muscled so that it is very sloppy at the elbows. Tied elbows are often seen, too, which results in pinning and crossing

Hind movement often shows up weak hocks that occasionally snatch.

Size and weight – Smaller than an Elkhound and not so heavy in proportion to weight

The overall impression should be one of light strength

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