finnish spitz cigarette cards

finnish spitz cigarette cards

Slim pickings here. As you would expect for a breed whose introduction and acceptance into the UK is fairly recent, there are hardly any pre-war Cigarette Cards to be found. There is the coloured card with the block caption from Gallaher Limited, issued in 1938 (6/48) and two versions from the second series of Champion Dogs from John Sinclair Ltd.

finnish spitz cigarette cards

This photographic set was issued in 1939 and shows Ch Hammon Irmas, owned by Mrs J B de la Poer Beresford of Lewes, Sussex. The dog was born in quarantine on 29th November 1934 and is by Ch Hammon Urpo x Ch Ham mon Ary of Tulchan (29/52).

I found only one European Tobacco card and this is from the United Tobacco Agencies of Eindhoven, Holland, issued with their 'Full Speed' brand of cigarettes, circa 1954. This long set contained 192 cards and the one to look for is 55/192.

1 am also illustrating two cigar bands this month, I suppose they are technically tobacco issues, but interestingly they show an identical illustration to the 'Full Speed' card. They come from the Senator and Washington brands. Now please bear with me, because I am a little short of tobacco cards, so I am going to slip in one extra item, which may just be of interest.
finnish spitz stamps

The 'Cope's Cigarettes' card was issued in 1912 and was illustrated by Cecil Aldin. Number 49/50 shows a White Lapland Dog and I just could not resist quoting from the back of the card - 'speaking generally, the various breeds of Arctic dogs are very attractive in appearance and although uncertain in temper are capable of being domesticated'. I offer no further comment!
finnish cigarette cards

Turning to Trade Cards, I only found two. The black & white photo card was issued by the 'Candy' Novelty Co in 1953 (43/50) and was given away in packets on sweet cigarettes, which I rememer so well from my youth. The other trade card comes from Italy and was issued by the Liebig Company, who manufactured meat extract and are now, appropriately enough, part of the Brooke Bond OXO group of companies. finnish spitz cigarettR cards

Printed in Milan the cards were always issued in sets of six and number five from this series shows 'Cani da Appartamento', which I suppose translates as 'house dogs'. The white dog on the green chair is clearly a Maltese but what could the other dog be? It looks a little like a fox to my untrained eye, but as it might, just might mind you, be a Finnish Spitz, hence I am including it.

That only leaves a couple of odd ball items in this section, a match box label, headed Pystykorvat, of date unknown but with a charming illustration of this breed in typical pose and a sticker headed Postbanken, which I understand is Finland's equivalent of our own National Giro Bank.

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