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Finnish Spitz
An all purpose hunt, point and retrieve Gundog
Inevitably, pictures of breeds tend to be idealised and this one by Julie Brennan is no exception. It is also somewhat androgynous, a characteristic that, as we shall see, is not desirable. It is a dog but both head and body, although excellent, are refined and do not exhibit quite the strength that one would expect of a male.

But it does give a ‘feel’ of the breed. It is dog that is alert and ‘ready to go’. They do not need to bark but many will be excited in the ring and it is not a fault – however irritating. The breed barks to attract the attention of the hunter once game has been found so if you want to judge it – you have to put up with it!

The pictures in this presentation are of Finnish dogs and have all been taken from Judging the Finnish Spitz by Anti Arnio.

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